Have A Safe and Happy Summer!

Phone Problem At Elementary North, District Office , Middle North and Aspen

We are experiencing a phone problem at Elementary North, District Office, Middle North and Aspen.  We have been working with the phone company all day today and hope to have it resolved soon.  If you call in to school this afternoon or tomorrow morning and get a “fast busy” signal after the phone has been answered on our end,  please call again and leave a voicemail with a number where you can be reached and we will call you back right away.

Hopefully this will be fixed overnight, we will keep you informed.

Application: Hawthorn Reorganization Committee

The Superintendent is looking for volunteers to serve on the Hawthorn School Reorganization Committee. If you are interested in being considered, please complete the online application by June 10. More information is available in the AYP/School Choice Update web article.

Elementary School North Family Fun Night

End of Year Bash Friday May 17, 2013 6:30 – 8:00PM

Dance Party with A-Z Entertainment,  ice cream cart for the kids! (one per child please)

Parents, if you have not registered your children for school next year, we will have computers available for you to register.

Purchase Quality School Supplies Through PTO

The Hawthorn PTO is happy to offer you the opportunity to purchase quality school supplies and have them delivered right to your doorstep!  Purchasing a school supply kit is not only efficient and convenient but also helps raise funds for our schools.
This year we are excited to announce that each kit purchased will enter you in a drawing for a free Target Gift Card.

 So be sure to visit the PTO School Supply committee page where you can download the paper order form from the website and send it to school with your payment or you can simply order your kit online. It’s that easy! Paper order forms are due by May 10th and online orders by May 25th.


Register Online by Monday, May 6

Registration SnapCodes were mailed to all current students on April 15. Please use the SnapCodes to go online to register by May 6. Students entering grades 3 and 6 must also complete Residency Verification. If you have requested a transfer to a different Hawthorn school for next year, you must complete online registration for your current school to remain enrolled. Transfers will be logged into the system after registration closes. Students not registered by July 1 will be dropped. More information is at www.hawthorn73.org/registration.



Due to inclement weather, all after school activities have been cancelled today, Thursday April 18.

Register for Fall Now! Assistance Available at District Until 8 p.m. on Thursday April 18th!

It is time to register current students for the 2013-14 school year. Letters with SnapCodes and directions for completing online registration were mailed on April 15. Students entering grades 3 and 6 must also complete Residency Verification. If you need assistance or computer access, please visit the District Office at 841 West End Court, Vernon Hills. The District Office will be open until 8 p.m. on Thursday, April 18 to assist parents. (Evening registration will be available until 8 p.m., though all other after-school activities are cancelled in the District due to the weather.)More information is available at www.hawthorn73.org/registration.

Weather Conditions May Slow Bus Routes

Please keep in mind that when the weather is rough, bus routes may take longer than usual. In fact, if weather worsens dramatically while the bus is underway, the driver may pull off to a safe spot until conditions improve. Thank you for your patience and understanding.