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Fifth grade band performs at the mall.

Fifth Grade Band Performs at the Mall

Directed by Ms. Bartel, Elementary North’s fifth grade band performed at the Hawthorn Mall on Dec. 16. While they have only been playing together for not much more than a year, their performance was smooth and polished. Lots of shoppers stopped by to listen to the cheerful music in a holiday setting.

Students look at pumpkins

The Trials of Picking the Best Pumpkin

Students in Miss Stern’s third grade class had to make a tough decision. They had to pick their favorite pumpkin for Elementary North’s Great Pumpkin Book Character Contest. It would be a challenge for anyone to pick one out of the 97 creative, colorful and unique creations that have been submitted. The winners will be announced on Nov. 1.

Students singing and dancing

Students Sing “Ghost of John”

Students in Mrs. Aubrey’s third grade music class twirled in circles and danced about the room as they practiced singing “Ghost of John.”

Students drawing maps

X Marks the Spot

Students in Mrs. Hunwick’s first grade class had great fun creating their own colorful treasure maps.

Children dancing with scarves

The Syncopated Clock

It was quite a colorful display as students in Mrs. Aubrey’s first grade music class waved scarves and walked around the room to the tune of “The Syncopated Clock.”

students practicing instruments

Starting Off on a Good Note

Instrument trials took place at Elementary North on Friday morning. Fourth grade students got to try a variety of instruments from violins to clarinets, under the guidance of professionals. Many of the students were excited to play notes on these instruments for the first time. It will be fun to see these students performing in band and orchestra concerts in the future.

Students making balloon globes.

Having a “World” of Fun

Third grade students at Elementary North have been learning about world geography, including about continents and oceans. In a combined social studies class, Mrs. Swinney taught them how to use their knowledge to make their own balloon globes. They drew equators and cut and pasted continents onto balloons. Everyone did a great job of getting the continents in the right places.

children learning in classroom

A Typical Day at Elementary North

This is what a typical day at Elementary North looks like. Smiles in every classroom. Children enjoying learning. Teachers who love teaching.

Students running

SOAR Runners Take Their Final Run for the Year

The SOAR runners at Elementary North took their final run this morning as parents cheered them on.

Students learning about art

Students Go On an Art Adventure in the Classroom

Students in Ms. Kaiser’s third-grade class learned all about perspective in today’s “Art Adventure.” They learned what techniques artists use to make things appear close up and far away. They learned about overlapping objects, texture, color, and size. They studied “St. George Killing the Dragon,” which is currently hanging at the Art Institute of Chicago, and several other works in which these techniques have been used. Then they drew their own pieces using what they had learned. The Hawthorn PTO’s Art Adventure program is an exploration of the visual arts that begins in kindergarten and culminates with a fifth Grade field trip to the Art Institute of Chicago. The goal is for the children to understand that art is fun, accessible and a very individual means of expression.