Fifth grade choir singing

Sweet Voices

Elementary North’s fifth grade choir is sounding great. They started Tuesday’s practice with some fun voice exercises. Once they were warmed up, they sang the uplifting “Give Us Hope” in beautiful harmony.

children sitting in a circle

What’s on the Menu? Alphabet Stew.

Miss Wolf of Elementary North took out her magical Halloween cauldron today. It was filled with alphabet stew. The kindergarten children passed it around and practiced the sounds of the letters they picked from the cauldron.

Children dancing with scarves

The Syncopated Clock

It was quite a colorful display as students in Mrs. Aubrey’s first grade music class waved scarves and walked around the room to the tune of “The Syncopated Clock.”

students practicing instruments

Starting Off on a Good Note

Instrument trials took place at Elementary North on Friday morning. Fourth grade students got to try a variety of instruments from violins to clarinets, under the guidance of professionals. Many of the students were excited to play notes on these instruments for the first time. It will be fun to see these students performing in band and orchestra concerts in the future.

Students making balloon globes.

Having a “World” of Fun

Third grade students at Elementary North have been learning about world geography, including about continents and oceans. In a combined social studies class, Mrs. Swinney taught them how to use their knowledge to make their own balloon globes. They drew equators and cut and pasted continents onto balloons. Everyone did a great job of getting the continents in the right places.

Teachers say good-bye to students

Teachers Wave Good-Bye to Their Students

Teachers waved to their students as the school buses pulled out for the last time at Elementary North on the last day of school on June 6. It was a heart-felt scene as teachers wished their students the best for the years to come.

Students receiving awards

Students Receive Awards at Elementary North Year End Assembly

Many students received awards this morning at Elementary North’s End of Year Assembly. Small trophies were presented to all the students in Mrs. Willingmyre’s class in recognition of their work toward the seal of bi-literacy. About 10 students were honored for perfect attendance throughout the year. Their names were put into a raffle. Alan A. won a Tablet and Alexis T. won a new bike. At the end, the fifth graders got “high fives” from their teachers as they left the assembly.

Students running

SOAR Runners Take Their Final Run for the Year

The SOAR runners at Elementary North took their final run this morning as parents cheered them on.

Children playing during Field Day

Students Have a Ball at Field Day

At the end of the year, each Hawthorn elementary school holds a field day in which students can play team-oriented games outdoors. Games that Elementary North students played included:

  • Bucket brigade
  • Cone flip
  • Sponge relay
  • 20 meter dash
  • Tug of war
  • Tire relay
  • Crazy relay

The students had a great time playing with their friends and engaging in fun activities outside of the classroom.

students at biography museum

Biography Museum Brings Famous Characters to Life

Famous people such as Neil Armstrong, Ben Franklin, Martin Luther King, Jr., Pablo Picasso, Walt Disney and Albert Einstein gathered under one roof at Elementary North’s Biography Museum on Thursday. Behind the costumes and make-up were fourth-grade students who effectively portrayed some of the world’s most remarkable individuals. At the press of a button, students talked about the people they portrayed. It was a great experience for the fourth graders and the third grade students who visited the “museum.”