Students using gymnastic unit equipment

Students Test Their Skills During Gymnastics Unit

Kindergarten students had fun as they tested their skills during the gymnastics unit at Elementary North. They scrambled up ropes, climbed ladders, and steadied themselves on balance boards under the guidance of staff.

Students making turkeys

A Fun Way of Expressing Gratitude at Thanksgiving

Students in Elementary North third grade classes, including the classes of Ms. Stern and Ms. Wengerhoff, wrote down what they were thankful for about their classmates as they made colorful turkeys. Each turkey feather included a different expression of gratitude.

students performing

Elementary North Fourth Graders Perform “Autumn Leaves”

What could be more perfect at this time of year than a song about autumn leaves? The 4C group at Elementary North had great leeway in performing this piece. Ms. Bartel encouraged them to choose the instruments (xylophones and recorders) and the order of the song.

Students at tables in the library

A Book Tasting in the Library

The tables were set in Elementary North’s library for a special tasting. But the focus was not on food, but on books. Students in Miss Wengerhoff’s third grade class moved from table to table learning about different book genres. At each table, a student provided a presentation on a different genre, including historical fiction, science fiction, mystery, fantasy and biography. Everyone enjoyed the opportunity to get a sampling or “taste” of different kinds of books.

Students look at pumpkins

The Trials of Picking the Best Pumpkin

Students in Miss Stern’s third grade class had to make a tough decision. They had to pick their favorite pumpkin for Elementary North’s Great Pumpkin Book Character Contest. It would be a challenge for anyone to pick one out of the 97 creative, colorful and unique creations that have been submitted. The winners will be announced on Nov. 1.

Students singing and dancing

Students Sing “Ghost of John”

Students in Mrs. Aubrey’s third grade music class twirled in circles and danced about the room as they practiced singing “Ghost of John.”

Students drawing maps

X Marks the Spot

Students in Mrs. Hunwick’s first grade class had great fun creating their own colorful treasure maps.

Fifth grade choir singing

Sweet Voices

Elementary North’s fifth grade choir is sounding great. They started Tuesday’s practice with some fun voice exercises. Once they were warmed up, they sang the uplifting “Give Us Hope” in beautiful harmony.

children sitting in a circle

What’s on the Menu? Alphabet Stew.

Miss Wolf of Elementary North took out her magical Halloween cauldron today. It was filled with alphabet stew. The kindergarten children passed it around and practiced the sounds of the letters they picked from the cauldron.

Children dancing with scarves

The Syncopated Clock

It was quite a colorful display as students in Mrs. Aubrey’s first grade music class waved scarves and walked around the room to the tune of “The Syncopated Clock.”