Elementary North Students Participate in the Hour of Code

On Friday, December 12, Elementary North students participated in the Hour of Code. This is the largest worldwide education event and is sponsored by the Computer Science Education Week program (http://csedweek.org/about). Students learned how computer programming works, as well as the concept of programming is really all about problem-solving and logical thinking. This learning benefits all subjects because it teaches students how to think through a problem in Reading, Math, Science, Music, etc.

Many of your children likely came home on Friday wanting to know if they could get the Kodable app (https://www.kodable.com/why) or the Lightbot game. Both of these resources are free.

Kodable is available as an iOS app (Apple devices only) and is geared toward early elementary students or pre-readers. https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/kodable/id577673067?mt=8

Lightbot is available as an app for iOS, Android, Mac OS, and Windows. There is a free “Hour of Code” version at http://lightbot.com/hocflash.html.
Lightbot also has a “Junior” version for younger users.

Other resources are available for teaching your child how to code at http://www.code.org. Thank you to all of the parents, middle school student volunteers, administrators, and teachers who came out to visit or participate in our Hour of Code.