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Get Ready for Summer Reading!

Dear Elementary North Parent,

With the end of the school year quickly upon us, we know that you are making plans for your child’s summer vacations and activities. However, the break from school activities often causes students to experience a lag in learning upon returning to school in the fall. Research shows students easily lose a couple of months’ worth of skills during the long summer break. The National Summer Learning Association cites some pretty startling facts about summer learning loss:

• 2/3 of the achievement gap between students in 9th grade is attributed to summer learning loss in the early elementary years.

• Most students test lower on standardized testing at the end of summer compared to their scores on the same test at the end of the previous school year.

• Low-income students lose more than two months worth of reading achievement during summer break.

• Most students lose 2.6 months worth of mathematical computation skills over the summer.

• Teachers typically spend 4 to 6 weeks re-teaching material that was lost over the summer months.

Parents, teachers, and students, all worked hard for academic gains during the year, no one wants to see all that progress get washed away.

What can you do to help your children boost their reading skills—and have fun—during their summer vacation?

Continue to read over the summer, practice math facts, and participate in cultural activities — such as visiting museums, attending festivals — that provide those real life activities. Write about those adventures.

It doesn’t have to be rigorous BUT it needs to be enjoyable. You don’t need to spend a lot of money. There are free tools; you can get access to museums, to the library,… so we would say keep it simple, BUT be intentional! Become engaged with the text through conversation with your child. The research specifies, if kids simply get access to three to four books over the summer, that can also have a similar impact to a more rigorous, structured summer opportunity. One way for parents to encourage their children to read is through the public library.

Get a library card for your child. Many libraries offer story hours and computers for public use.

Throw out the idea that in order for summer reading to count it has to be a BOOK. Share a subscription to a wide variety of magazines.

Read with your child for at least 20 minutes every night from a broad selection of books, including fairy tales, songs, poetry, fiction, non-fiction, and informational.

Listen to your child read to you or ask lots of questions about the book.

Read your child’s favorite book over and over again. Children often love hearing some stories many times, and the repetition helps them connect the sounds they hear with the written words.

Point out new words, and say what they mean.

The most important thing is to keep them engaged mentally, so the summer is not a time off, but a time to be engaged, to explore, to make new connections. So instead of the issue of summer learning loss, it really could be an opportunity for acceleration. In general, take the things that are of high interest to your child and use these as windows for learning opportunities. It’s important to note that learning goes well beyond the borders of any classroom and as a parent you are in fact your child’s most valuable teacher.

Sign-Up for Reading online programs like, The Scholastic Summer Reading Challenge™ it is a free online reading program for children.

Join the Barnes & Noble Summer Reading Program

Join Fremont or Cook Memorial Public Library District Summer Reading and View the Bookmobile Schedule. Go to the EN website and look for the “links” tab, then enter the “educational links” it’s another wealth of information for online reading this summer. We will be aligning our EN Summer Reading Incentive with the Cook Library, Exercise Your Mind program. 

Keep young brains busy this summer with the library’s Exercise Your Mind program. Beginning June 1, sign up for our all-ages summer program and then read-or-read, watch, listen, and attend your way to rewards. Children who finish their Exercise Your Mind logs by July 31 earn a new book of their choice, plus coupons for treats from local businesses. New this year: finishers in middle grades (6–8) receive a book of their choice and coupons plus they’re entered into a drawing to win one of three AmazonBasics Portable Bluetooth Speakers! Sign up at either library or on the Bookmobile. REGISTER: 847–362–2330 • WEBRES.cooklIb.oRG • aT ThE lIbRaRy 

So get the whole family in on it. See who reaches the finish line first!


Please enjoy reading with your child and look for opportunities to reinforce reading and writing for pleasure not for teaching reading skills. Thank YOU!

Enjoy your summer and PLEASE plan time to read and write… 

EN’s website hels connect your family to books…….

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