Goal Setting

This fall the Hawthorn Planning Council rolled out an exciting new initiative for our students.  In keeping aligned with the strategic plan, students in Kindergarten through eighth grade will develop individualized learning goals that will be implemented throughout the year.  Teachers all across the district are working with students to identify and write goals that are challenging, yet attainable.

Why is it important for students to set goals?  The process of goal setting will support student responsibility for their learning.  With the shift over the past several years to include formative assessment, student goal setting has been found to be highly effective in supporting students in academic achievement.

Elementary students will develop individualized learning goals with the support of their teacher.  Student and teacher will brainstorm strategies that will set the path toward meeting their goal.  Goals will be shared with parents at the November Parent/Teacher Conferences.

Middle School students will utilize a common goal setting form and work with core academic staff to establish goals based off of the fall MAP benchmark.  Students will conference with staff in the winter and spring.  In the spring, students will decide if they have met their goals.  Students must successfully meet 3 out of 5 established goals.

Parents play a key role in the success their child achieves.  At home review the student’s goals and develop a plan to guide them.   Ask your student what they find interesting and challenging.  Create an atmosphere of creative learning where the child has an opportunity to achieve new heights.  But most importantly, build a collaborative engaging relationship with your child to encourage communication.