Math Mentors Are Buddies, Too

Twice a week eighth graders meet with Hawthorn Elementary North School students to help them learn math facts. Upwards of 30 third graders smile and giggle with their mentors while adding and subtracting numbers as well as figuring out the perimeter of shapes.

“These kids need extra help with math and this program helps them to build additional math skills with an eighth grade buddy,” said elementary north teacher Alex Howell, who sponsors the program.

Added third grade teacher Julie Sternstein, “It’s good for students to hear about math in multiple ways. A lot of these students don’t get homework so this weekly program gives them a boost in math.”

“The kids like how I explain math to them,” said Lauren S., 13.

Not only does the program benefit younger children but the Middle School North mentors develop communication skills and become leaders, said teacher Jennifer Harris, who oversees the 28 middle school students who participate.